Sunday, April 11, 2010

How far do you go for someone? Do the late nights, some or many tears, the constant wondering or the butterflies in your stomach, and not the good ones, hold you back? Or does it keep pushing you to eventually not have any of those things and only good butterflies.

I find myself asking that question, and sometimes in that position. I wonder, how much can a person handle...for love? I have pushed and been pushed. I have been brought to tears and sleepless nights.

So as I sit in my bed at 5:03am I wonder how I do it. Why I do it.

I guess love & being loved, in the end, does conquer all.


  1. Keep going until you're unhappy. When the happiness is gone, why are you doing it?

    Call me if you need an ear.

  2. It was a mere moment of confusion. The happiness always comes back.